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I’ve experienced firsthand the economic pressures that come from relying on social assistance to make ends meet. As a child, I recall all too well the nervousness that comes from having our phone or hydro turned off because we couldn’t afford to pay our bills. I recall moving from apartment to apartment because of the increasing costs of rent.  My entire adult life, I’ve worked hard to break this cycle and have somehow found inspiration in the hardships that have been thrown my way.

As a first-generation university graduate, I’ve paved a path forward and proved that regardless of life’s circumstances, with the right combination of hard work and support, anyone should be able to make a decent living for themselves.


I’m a proud, first-generation, university graduate, earning a bachelor's degree in Sociology and Criminology from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University). As an advocate for lifelong learning and a believer that knowledge is power, I also completed studies at Humber College, receiving a certificate in Mental Health & Forensic Practice. In 2017, I returned back to Toronto Metropolitan University for studies in Human Resources Management. In 2019, I achieved both my Certified Human Resources Professional designation (CHRP) and my Registered Professional Recruiter Designation (RPR).



For the past five years, I’ve worked in the field of Human Resources, providing support and advocacy for employees with disabilities and those in need of medical accommodations in the workplace. In talent acquisition, I have worked tirelessly to revamp hiring processes to help foster, encourage, support, and retain talent from diverse backgrounds. In employee relations, I’ve served as an advocate to workers to make sure their voices are heard and are treated fairly. Throughout my career in business, I have always fought for workers' voices to be heard, listened to, and supported.


As a proud resident of Ward 11, I share an apartment with my husband Matt (who also happens to share the same birthday as me), and our cat, Gigi. I’m an avid cyclist and runner. In my spare time, you will probably catch me enjoying some delicious meals in restaurants along Spadina and Kensington Market, reading a book, or advocating for change at Queens Park. 



Our Mission



Over 60 percent of Ward 11 constituents are renters. With the skyrocketing cost of rent, housing is becoming less affordable, putting thousands at risk of experiencing homelessness. This reality is unacceptable. I will work to make housing more affordable for every single constituent by ending Exclusionary Zoning and by developing more supportive and affordable housing complexes. I will also explore the option of leasing City-owned land for mixed-income, mixed-use development where half of the new residential units developed will be deemed "affordable" by the City’s definition (80% or less of average market rent). In addition, I will work to eliminate the red tape that prevents homeowners from using their land for the purposes of garden suits and laneway housing in an effort to increase the supply of available safe and legal housing alternatives. 


As your city councillor I will work to make sure our community infrastructure serves and meets the needs of its constituents. A place where people can come together to live, play and thrive. As your next city councillor, I will work to reduce noise pollution,  preserve, maintain and grow our green space areas and parks. I will make sure we have more public washrooms available in high-traffic areas that are maintained year-round. I will work to ensure our sidewalks are clean, safe, and accessible for everyone. I will make sure we continue to invest in our museums, libraries, and public pools for you and your children to enjoy. I will advocate for more off-leash areas for your pets. As your next city councillor, I will make sure Ward 11 is a vibrant place for everyone. 


Ward 11 has become less safe over the years and constituents have expressed concerns for their safety. The streets and parks in Ward 11 need to be cleaned up. It is unacceptable that our streets and parks get dumped with litter and syringes. It is unacceptable that local businesses and cars continue to get broken into. This needs to change and as your city councillor, I will work tirelessly to make our streets safe and clean for everyone.


Our roads need repairs. We have potholes that are large enough to cause cars to swerve, putting pedestrians and cyclists at risk. We have congested streets that don't allow motor vehicles and cyclists to share the roads, safely. As your next city councillor, I will make sure our roads are in excellent condition and Ward 11 has enough bike lanes that are located on sensible routes. I will also work to reeducate our entire city on road safety laws to help prevent harm. If elected, I would also explore the option of reducing speed limits on some local residential roads to 30km / h and applicable arterial roads to 40 km/h. As councillor, I will make sure our roads have the right amount of street lighting in high-incident areas to help make our roads safe, and shareable, for everyone.


As your city councillor, I will work to protect our environment by making the city more conducive to year-round active & public transportation. I will work to better manage our wastewater system and protect our lakes from pollution. I will find ways to leverage more recycled materials when developing city infrastructure and housing. I will work to increase the city's tree canopy up from 27% to 41%. As your city councillor, I will work hard to protect our environment and the green spaces that matter most to you and your families.


We Need Your Support Today!

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